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Working with Steph has fundamentally transformed my practice, and how I offer my gifts both professionally and personally. I’m considerably more financially stable through putting her offerings into practice, but more than that, aspects of myself that were dormant, denied or downplayed have been companioned soulfully into expression through working with her. I see myself more clearly and therefore live more from my center. Steph is an incredibly kind, nuanced, and skilled guide for you who are ready for witness and gentle, highly effective guidance as you step into yourself and your callings.“

Meg Y.

My work with Steph has been an incredible experience! I feel my life finally moving forward again as I’ve experienced a major inner shift – in only 3 months! Steph held such a safe container for me to navigate my inner world and offered such brilliant reflections, support and genuine care and attention in each of my sessions. I was able to navigate through grief, boundaries (with myself and others), my inner masculine/feminine self, cultivate greater self awareness and intentional vulnerability. I loved our ability to co-create such valuable and tangible practices I was able to do in between sessions! I’m so grateful for Steph and the work she does, and am looking forward to many more amazing sessions.“

Senna S.

“Steph wasn’t the coach I wanted… she was the coach I needed.
What I wanted was someone to kick my butt and push me to be a ‘high-achiever’ (as if I wasn’t working hard enough between two jobs and a side project while moving to a new city). Instead steph went straight to the route of what was holding me back – my own self-worth and self-love.

Despite my resistance (and boy did I resist at times), Steph was the solid ground that kept me focused and held me accountable to myself. And that was the key – this wasn’t about ‘doing more’. It was about the inner work. Building my foundation – turning ember into fire. Fire into bonfire.

Steph, thanks for being an amazing coach. I’m immensely grateful and cannot recommend you enough. Want to turn ember into bonfire? Stephanie is your coach!”

Scott I.

“Steph and I have been working together for a year. I’m a brand strategist and life and leadership coach. I’m a big believer that coaches need coaches. I hired Step because she is creative, open, fun, light-hearted, focused and a stand for me and who I am at my best.

She holds me accountable in all areas of my life. In January 2018 I’m launching an online branding course and without Steph’s consistent focus and coaching, this would not be happening. I would have got in my own way, talked myself out of doing the *big thing* and being a leader for creative entrepreneurs.
Steph gives me the space to see who I am at my best and has helped me transform what I think is possible for my business.

If you have big dreams for your life and business or career and need someone to help you stay on track, get out of your own way, be your go-to person when in doubt, break up those self-limiting stories that keep you small, Steph is your leadership coach.”

Lisa G.

“Of the many highlights from my year in #LadyLeaders2017 life coaching, these are just a few concepts that consistently resonate with me:

  • Celebration
  • Saying YES to ME [and yes, this sometimes means saying no to others + literally asking to be valued at your worth]
  • Recognizing fear, while choosing to live in possibility
  • The Universe [+ your support team] has got your back

Stephanie guided me through the breaking points in both tears and laughter, resistance and pure enlightenment. While at the onset I knew I was about to step foot on a life-changing journey, I had absolutely no idea what was to come, or even how it would unfold. I simply trusted Stephanie’s leadership and my own vision, and walked away empowered with the tools to move forward, shining bright in the ever evolving pursuit of my best self. With an invaluable support system in my three soul sisters, we continue to share our true essence and purpose with the world while leaning on one another in all of the trials and triumphs. I couldn’t have imagined a better experience!”

Alycia H.

“I have several Lady Leader “ah-ha moments” that immediately come to mind that changed my thinking and rattled my world.

First, was when you called me out on a bs story I was making up about not being good enough. At first I was offended that you called it what it was ‘a story’ – friends and family had only ever listened to me vent and validated the stories I made up. You letting me know that it was a super unrealistic story and that I was so much more than the situation I was putting myself in, gave me access to more than I thought possible. I got out of my own way – in a whole new way. After that coaching session I earned a new skill – calling myself out on “stories” and freeing myself of the bs that wasn’t true.

Second moment that I will always remember, was when you had us write down a vision statement in the beginning of our coaching with you…then months later we went though the exercises to bring out our purpose word or phrase. After you gave us our purpose word you told us to look at our vision statement, sure enough, there in my vision statement was my purpose – literally spelled out B-L-I-S-S! I had referenced my purpose before I acknowledged it. Instant goosebumps. Ahh-mazing!

Third, allowing myself to ask for what I want. I was in a situation that I needed to be paid for a job I did. I realized that it was okay to ask for what I knew I deserved, I not only got what I asked for but so much more. Self-worth instead of self-pity. Thank you Steph for helping me see those simple things that weighed down on me and bringing them to light so clearly!

Lastly, group coaching…I was skeptical going into it, not knowing who the other girls were and trusting that I would actually learn something while sharing valuable coaching time with strangers, I am pleased to say that Lady Leaders was worth every penny! The accountability, similarity, and support was empowering and motivating. The realization that you aren’t alone and there are others going through stuff too made it all worth it. Vulnerability – to have breakthroughs while on a call with strangers who become friends is unlike anything I thought I would ever experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. These girls now know me on a deeper level than even my best friend, we understand each others strengths and weaknesses. We still meet even now that our coaching is over, whether for coffee or catching up we are forever friends – essence words, purpose, tears, struggles, vulnerability, authenticity, success, and major life changes – I am grateful daily that I invested in myself, in a group of strangers, I gained more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Steph for calling us out, acknowledging us, and coaching yourself out of a job. I think I can speak for us all when I say we appreciate you more than you know!”

Shari K.

As a leader seeking to build leaders, I find Stephanie to be an essential value-add to my journey. She’s helped me identify my core—who I am, what I stand for, what guides my decisions, and whether or not those guidelines serve me in the current season of my life. Coaching with her has uncovered my survival mechanisms that stunt my growth at any given time, resulting in an awareness that I find incredibly empowering. My bold, yet compassionate leadership style is only strengthened by this clarity. With breakthrough after breakthrough, I can’t imagine true self growth without someone like Steph. She’s very objective, yet immensely dedicated to my development. My partnership with her is invaluable; I don’t even know how she puts a price on it! I’m so grateful for the abundance I’m experiencing and will continue to experience in this beautiful life. Steph has given me something that can never be taken away.
Steph H.

“2017 has been a big year for me. I knew in January that I wanted to make big moves, in my career, my social life, personally and emotionally. When Stephanie approached me to think about intentionally setting goals and working towards them and then invited me to join the Lady Leaders group, I thought that this was my opportunity to focus on me. Working with college students, I helped them to set goals every day, held them accountable and provided space for reflection and empowerment. Very rarely, though, did I give myself that space to actively pursue my own goals, push my own boundaries and stop listening to the stories I created about why I wasn’t getting to where I wanted.

Stephanie and the wonderful women in Lady Leaders helped me to see that I am worth making that time and taking those steps. Stephanie pushed me outside of my comfort zone a little bit more each week to explore where I was going with my career and in my personal relationships, and to rid myself of the stories of “where I should be” and “what I’m supposed to be doing”, allowing me to truly focus on what I wanted for myself. Spending time finding my own personal mission and reflecting on my strengths as a leader and a person was invaluable. As pieces have started to fall into place with a new job, a new relationship and the enhanced ability to set new goals on my own, I recognize that Steph’s leadership combined with my work and dedicated time with Lady Leaders has contributed positively to so many facets of my life! Not only was this time with the Lady Leaders important for my own personal development, I gained a new network and the support of awesome women who know what it’s like to be vulnerable, intentional, empathetic and daring!”

Suzanne B.

“I’ve had 2 life changing experiences with coaching. And believe I’m the best me I can be when I’m working with a coach. Why? I know what I need to do to design and make the life that feels like I’m living a dream, but there is stuff that gets in my way. It’s not other people’s stuff, or life, its myself. The stories I create and unfortunately choose to believe all to often. When I can push these stories aside and choose to come from leader, peace, joy, insight, and inspiration I am the most productive and fun me. Steph has helped me take this to another level this past 6 months and I’m getting closer and closer to living a life purely designed by me.“
Tracie G.

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